River Valley Adventure

In Russellville, Arkansas YOU DO YOU! Amazing adventures await throughout our region; mountain bking, kyak, fish, hike, swim, rock-climb, hang glide, and so much more. Here’s just a few ideas to get you started on your personal River Valley adventure.

Top 10 Half-Day Waterfall Hikes

When the temperatures dip below 35 degrees, I exchange my typical two-wheeled activities for more methodical, inclusive ones. Lacing up my boots, downloading topo maps and packing up a day pack elicits a…

Progressive and Inclusive Mountain Biking Trails in the River Valley

The city of Russellville partnering with the River Valley Chapter of the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) and others, are creating a next-level mountain bike skills park for riders of all ages, abilities and socio-economic levels.

Top 5 Non-State Park Day Hikes Within An Hour’s Drive from Russellville

Without a doubt, our River Valley is sandwiched within some of the best places to hike in Arkansas, and within an hour’s drive, there are fantastic places to take a scenic walk through protected public lands.

Top 5 State Park Day Hikes Within An Hour from Russellville

Without a doubt, our river valley is sandwiched within some of the best places to hike in Arkansas. And the State Parks of Arkansas are one of our most cherished resources.

Gravel Riding in the River Valley

What is gravel riding, gravel biking or adventure biking? It’s simply riding your bike on any unpaved stretch of road such as a county road or forest service road, and has become cycling’s fastest growing segment.

Mt. Nebo State Park, Trails for All

The River Valley features several established, hand-cut mountain bike trails. The historic four-mile Bench Trail on Mt. Nebo, a separate trail maintained by the Arkansas State Parks, is a multi-use trail for horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bike riders.

Waterway Adventures in the River Valley

Arkansas is home to more than 9,700 miles of rivers, streams and creeks. The River Valley is home to some of the most popular and uniquely scenic, thrilling, and floatable creeks and is the perfect “basecamp” to start your whitewater adventures.

Mountain Biking: How to Get Started in the River Valley

Our state is home to the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World” (Bentonville), a growing list of “Monument Trail” systems within our Arkansas State Parks, and five IMBA EPIC trails. Our state has had its feet planted in mountain biking since the 90s with the popularity of those IMBA EPICs and in recent years with the growing integrated off-road trail systems of Northwest Arkansas.

Hidden Climbing Paradise: the Arkansas River Valley

The River Valley is being recognized as the hub for all things parks, trails and water, but there is another hidden gym getting more national attention: climbing.
Climbing in the River Valley is attracting enthusiasts from throughout the country because of the mild temperatures and proximity to camping, lodging, entertainment and other adventure sports.

5 Tips To Road Cycling in the River Valley

The Russellville Connected Trail System is a great go-to guide for any human-powered transportation around Russellville-proper. The RCTS is a city-wide effort to designate existing streets and roads on a spectrum from shared-lanes with cars (that are marked with “sharrows”), roads that have dedicated bike lanes, and bike/walk only greenways.

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