Arkansas Tech is home to more than 12,000 students, making it the
third largest university in the state.

At Arkansas Tech University, being first is about forging a personalized path to academic and personal achievement with the support of faculty and staff who make student access and success their No. 1 priority.

As a result, ATU is first in the Natural State when it comes to providing access to a better life after graduation.

ATU has been ranked No. 1 in Arkansas on CollegeNET’s Social Mobility Index seven consecutive years through 2020. The annual rating is an indicator of a university’s success in providing graduates with a pathway to an enhanced economic standing.

Arkansas Tech is recognized as a statewide leader in STEM education. Students explore intersecting career paths made possible by more than 100 undergraduate degree programs and more than 25 graduate degree options.

Things to Do

You'll discover taking time to spend a few days in Russellville is well worth it. There is something here for the whole family.

State Parks

The River Valley is home to four state parks offering visitor centers, hiking trails and swim areas.


Do you want to watch the kids have fun while sitting in the shade? No problem in Russellville.

Around Town

Russellville is home to world-famous cheeseburgers, prime rib dinners, fantastic southern barbecue, authentic ethnic foods and more.


Celebration of community is a common theme in found in many of Russellville's community events, held throughout the year.

Arkansas Tech

Tech has the most affordable tuition and fees among the “Big Five” universities in Arkansas.

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